Local Architectural Services

If you’re looking for an experienced company to provide local architectural services for your upcoming projects then you’re on the right page because we’d be delighted to help.

Here at Tom Withers Architecture, we provide a top-quality, reliable, and professional service to ensure success with projects of all sizes, scopes, and details. We’ve got a tremendous portfolio of work and a plethora of positive reviews to back up what we say here.

Thanks to our hard work and wonderful client base, we’ve been able to sustain continued growth year on year which we’re very proud of.


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As a business, we’re able to offer an excellent array of architectural services to local clients. This is useful to know because if you’re ever in doubt about exactly what we can offer, you can refer back to this article and see.

Every building will have slightly different requirements so we will always build a specific and tailored service package however we can provide some general idea of what you might be able to have done by us.

Design is a big part of what we do here at Tom With Architecture. We will meet with you to discuss what you’re looking to do before coming up with drawings and plans in relation to the design of the building project.

We’ll produce existing and proposed drawings to give you an idea of what the difference will be in a creative format.

The design may take a lot of back and forth with communication as things change all the time with preferences and potential issues that arise all the time.

Another service we can provide on a local basis is dealing with planning permission. We can support you with clear advice on how to deal with the process as well as help with various documents and systems.

What’s more, we can actually liaise with local authorities and builders on your behalf to ensure the process is running as smoothly as possible. We can save you so much time, effort, and money in this regard because you’d be associated with a reputable company that knows how to deal with these types of situations.

Finally, if you’re looking to have any form of building work done, from a completely new house to an extension, we can support you with this in different ways. We can give specialists advice on how to use space most effectively, we can create architectural drawings for various services, we can build and update construction plans as well as so much more.

It’s important to consider using a company such as ours for architectural services because the success of a project ultimately starts with the correct preparation. 

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Why Choose TWA For Local Architectural Services?

You might be wondering why you should choose us here at Tom Withers Architecture. Allow us to provide a couple of reasons that might persuade you.

Strong Local Reputation

Firstly, we have a strong reputation locally, having worked on a multitude of projects of varying difficulty. It’s lovely to get the recognition for our hard work but we absolutely love what we do.

Highly Experienced & Talented Team

Another reason is simply the amazing talent of our team. Though the business has been around for a number of years, our team members have a wealth of knowledge and experience between them. This means we can service our clients incredibly well and deal with the most complex of situations. There really isn’t much they haven’t seen so you’re in good hands for sure.

Personable Approach

We take the time to understand your project goals and really delve into what you’re looking to do on your project. Being tentative and listening is key to gaining the correct knowledge for moving forward with the project. We offer a flexible and cohesive approach whereby we offer our expertise and pair it with your desires as the customer. Our varied experience means we can tackle many types of projects.