The Importance Of Interior Architecture

Interior architecture plays a crucial role in the way a building exists. The aesthetic of a building’s interior will provide a first impression and hopefully a long lasting positive one. It also contributes to the functionality of a building as well as so much more. Walls, floors, ceilings, doors, features and a long list of other things are all considered by an interior architecture company. All your living and working environments would be shaped somewhat by an architect so in this blog we want to delve into the significance of interior architecture and how it specifically contributes to the creation of truly functional spaces. 

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Defining Interior Architecture

We firstly felt it was important to provide an understanding of what interior architecture actually is. An interior architecture team are generally in charge of designing the structural design of a space as well as optimising the space available. Tom Withers Architecture make sure there is ‘flow’ to a building and that there is clear functionality in the most practical way.

Whether it’s for a house or a work building, it must be fit for purpose which is where our expertise takes centre stage. You may also come across specialists in particular types of buildings for example office interior architecture companies.

Now, let’s look in more detail about why interior architecture is so important and how it impacts the creation of a fully functioning space. 

Key points will cover:

  • Maximising space efficiency
  • Creating functional spaces
  • Enhancing accessibility
  • Natural light and ventilation
  • Sustainability considerations
  • Aesthetics

Maximising Space Efficiency

Each building will have a finite amount of space to provide its primary function, whether that be to accommodate a number of staff members for an office, or to use as your home. This means that when the building is designed, an interior architect will use their skills to ensure each room is planned out to allow for maximum function and style in the way it looks. A good and relatable example of this is in someone’s home where the kitchen and diner is open plan because it makes the space feel bigger, lighter and more airy within the house. Alternatively, in commercial spaces, they may prioritise efficient layouts that minimise wasted space and improve workflow, communication and productivity. 

Creating Functional Areas

Functionality within any building is key because if it doesn’t work how it should, it can’t be used to its fullest effect. Looking one step further, it’s really important to have functional spaces within each room which is where an interior architect will come into their own. To use an example once more, an office space will have different areas designed that makes sense to the specific organisation. Individual meeting room spaces, collaborative desk areas and open space can all be in the same office or room. It will just be designed properly and efficiently by a professional. 

Enhancing Accessibility

When a building is designed, it must be designed for all ages and abilities to ensure everyone can have access. It is the job of an interior architect to ensure this is the case and considerations are made for thighs like wheelchair access, easy navigation, placements of amenities and more. For instance, in public buildings, interior architects are responsible for designing ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms to comply with accessibility standards. 

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Natural Light & Ventilation

Interior architecture is also pivotal in allowing for natural light and ventilation within a building. This is important because more natural light is considered a wonderful thing as your building will feel lighter and more airy with more sunlight coming through. In a similar way, you will also want good ventilation so that air can get in and out and energy efficiency is improved. The placement of windows, skylights, and vents, the orientation and layout of rooms and other factors are all heavily influenced by an interior architect. They will often work with structural engineers and construction firms to finalise design in this way.

Sustainability Considerations

Being more sustainable and eco-friendly within construction has become more prominent in recent years and we are fully on board with this here at Tom Withers Architecture. This involves selecting materials, implementing energy-saving technologies, and designing spaces that reduce resource consumption, all good things for the environment. Interior architects play a major role in greener building practices which can lead to an improved quality of life for the building as well as the occupants. Whether it’s an office, warehouse, football stadium, block of flats or single dwelling, there are sustainable ways of working. 


Although you could say that a priority for an interior architect is to make sure the functionality of a building is on point, they will also work to bring a pleasing aesthetic too. With the right team on board you will get the best of both worlds. We understand that a well-designed space should not only work well but also look visually appealing. Interior architects use their creativity and design sensibilities to create spaces that are not only practical but also beautiful. It’s all in the careful and meticulous planning and acquisition of appropriate materials, finishes and design. 

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To conclude, we hope it’s clear how interior architects are of paramount importance when it comes to creating functional spaces. They will optimise the amount of space you have in your room or building, they’ll ensure accessibility is apparent, consider sustainability options, select appropriate materials for certain purposes and much more.

In addition to all the thought and process surrounding the topic of functionality, there will also be no compromise on aesthetic and style which we hope will please the client tremendously. If you’re in need of an interior architect, then please feel free to give us a call here at Tom Withers Architecture.

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