Top Home Extension Trends In 2023

There are a few trends that have taken the limelight this year already, specifically in the home extension sphere. This blog looks to highlight some of those trends and offer some discussion around them.

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For this reason alone, we deem it really important to keep an eye on developing trends. So, without further ado, let’s get stuck into the top home extension trends in 2023 so far.

Sustainable Design & Solutions

We’re going to open the conversation by talking about sustainable design and solutions for your home extension. Although this is currently a trend, we truly hope it’s here to stay. With the worries of global warming and pollution etcetera, people have been looking at more eco-friendly ways in life, which includes building works too. As a result, people are opting for a more airy, woody, natural-looking home extension aesthetic which is actually amazing on the eye too. Popular features to note are eco-friendly paints, using locally sourced materials and builders to limit travel time, wooden wall features, upcycled furniture and so much more. We think it’s absolutely brilliant that people are becoming more ‘green’ with their home extensions and we truly hope this upward trend continues to hike. 

Multi-Functional Spaces

With the increasing need for flexible living spaces, house extensions that serve multiple purposes are gaining popularity. Examples include combining a home office with a guest bedroom, creating a gymnasium that can also be used as an entertainment area, or designing a sunroom that can be enjoyed year-round. Here, you can truly maximise the potential of your house extension for yourself and your loved ones.

Gold Features

‘Gold’ is getting ever-more increasingly popular in 2023. In-home extensions in particular you can see more and more people opting for gold handles on furniture, gold lighting features, gold skirting boards and coverings as well as other areas being gold in colour. We feel gold adds almost like a luxurious statement to the room so we can totally see why people are adding a bust of luxury to their brand new home extension.

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Depending on what room it is you’re using your home extension for, arches are trending at the moment too. We’re seeing a rise in enquiries for us to design archways into rooms, especially within home extensions. As a feature of the room, some arches can look stunning, particularly in bathrooms or living spaces. We feel they add a softness and timelessness to a room with the big round edges. 

Bi-Folding Doors

Another trend that has been around for a long time but continues to shine, is massive bi-folding doors at the back of your home extension. They’re wonderful to look at, they can be easily opened or closed, and they let in a lot of air and light too. Bi-folding doors are popular when it comes to home extensions as they can truly expand space and make your property look bigger than it actually is.

Closed Floor Plans

The final trend of this article is closed floor plans which may surprise some of you. Notoriously, open-plan spaces have been the fashionable thing, and there still are too many. However, lately, people have been opting for the creation of smaller spaces within their home extensions to allow for multiple uses of the same floor space. We believe with the cost of living crisis and the un-affordability of buying a new house lately, people are choosing to make a series of smaller spaces out of the same flooring. Closed floor plans can create intricate, comfortable, enclosed spaces within a home, allowing for bold colours and designs to make bold statements. 

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There are in fact many more trends that have developed in 2023 but we hope this has given you a taste for what you could do. Our team works really hard to create unique and innovative spaces, especially in home extensions as they really add something to your existing spaces. If you would like some more trends or just more information on our home extension architecture, please get in touch with us today as we’d be happy to help.

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